We aim to lead the way in investment-based crowdfunding, raising the bar for investor protection and due diligence while unlocking an exciting new asset class for investors.

Here's how:

Informed Investing

So that you can make an informed decision, every campaign includes an Invitation Document outlining all of the important facts about the investment

Professional Reviews

We only allow companies to post documents that we consider to be fair, clear and not misleading, and your investment is governed by solid legal agreements under English law.

Due Diligence

We conduct world-class due diligence on every company we show you, as well as background checks on the people behind these companies.


We bring you an unmatched combination of industry experience and the specialist knowledge of our international and local partners.

Investor Relations

Our platform is interactive, so you can get to know the companies before you invest and then continue to securely monitor your portfolio through regular business updates during the life of your investment

No Hidden Fees

We’re keeping it simple - we don’t charge any investment fees that eat into your returns.