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What Are The Prospects For Impact Investing? 

03 December 2015
Hugo Greenhalgh, Link to Article

The FT discusses some of the opportunities available for investors wanting to access frontier markets, but also for those who want to do good whilst also making money. Emerging Crowd is featured as a means in which investors can directly access fast-growing businesses in frontier markets. Will Tindall is interviewed and he addresses some of the risks associated with investing in these markets. 



Emerging Crowd Named in Core Group of Stakholders for Newly Formed Emerge Partnership 

19 October 2015
Link to Press Release

The new Emerge Partnership was launched at last week's ITU (United Nations agency) Telecom World 2015. Emerging Crowd confirmed its position as one of the core group of stakeholders, alongside Intel Corp, Seedstars, Silicon Cape Initiative, Startup Europe Projects, UNICEF Innovation and WITSA.



How Crowdfunding is Fuelling Investment into Emerging Markets 

30 July 2015
Charlie Foster, Link to Article

Virgin.com features Emerging Crowd on their website and talks to Will Tindall, Emerging Crowd co-founder, about the potential for crowdfunding in emerging markets. 


Not Disrupting, Building - Crowdfunding Will Be An Integral Part Of New Financial Systems In Developing Economies 

15 July 2015
Peter Baeck & Liam Collins, Link to Article

Developing economies have skipped investing in older forms of infrastructure such as landline phones and gone straight to using mobile, alternative finance models could do the same for the financial system. 


Emerging Capital

9 July 2015
GE Look Ahead, Link to Article

Venture capitalists, it seems, are increasingly prepared to look beyond developed markets for growth opportunities - according to figures published by the Emerging Market and Private Equity Association. 


Crowdfunding Goes For The Frontier As Model Evolves

24 June 2015
Tom Burrows, Link to Article (behind paywall)

Crowdfunding can sometimes appear to be a largely Western phenomenon but innovation is afoot to use these networked techniques of capital-raising for budding entrepreneurs in regions such as West Africa. 


Terra Incognita - UK Crowdfunding Platform Points Investors to Africa

17 June 2015
Trevor Clawson, Link to Article

Forbes Magazine looks at the way that Emerging Crowd is giving investors access to previously unavailable investment opportunities across Africa and emerging markets.


Crowdfunding Expands to Global and Emerging Markets

24 May 2015
Monty Munford, Link to Article

The potential investment gains to be made in emerging economies can be huge. A new crowdfunding company Emerging Crowd is focusing on such frontier markets to offer UK investors a chance to do so.


The Power of the Crowd

21 May 2015
Richard Cross, Link to Article

African coffee chain Neo turns to Emerging Crowd for its latest round of fundraising.


Are Frontier Markets the Next Big Growth Story?

21 May 2015
Valentina Romeo, Link to Article

Institutional and retail investors are turning their gazes towards frontier markets.


The Pioneering Continent: Innovation is Increasingly Local

25 April 2015, Link to Article

Africa's innovation revolution is likely to gain pace not least because of the development of new forms of financing, such as Emerging Crowd - a new crowdfunding platform deisgned specifically to raise money for SMEs in emerging and frontier markets.


Emerging Market Investments for the Crowd

23 April 2015
Ryan Weeks, Link to Article

A new UK entrant is looking to carve out alternative investment opportunities within emerging markets.


Platform Offers Investors Direct Access to Frontier and Emerging Markets

22 April 2015
Valentina Romeo, Link to Article

A new online investment platform has been launched allowing UK investors direct access to emerging market small and medium sized firms.

Beyond the Frontier: Emerging Crowd Founders Take Crowdfunding to Emerging Markets

16 April 2015
Harriet Green, Link to Article

In the industry, it’s a first – because it will give retail investors in the UK the opportunity to directly buy shares and bonds in emerging market SMEs.

Opening The Door To The World's Most Promising SMEs

17 March 2015
Link to Article

A new investment platform is bringing visibility to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in some of the world's fastest growing markets.

Africa Rising - Creating Global Investment Opportunities, Not Band Aids for Christmas

17 December, 2014
Ijeoma E. Okoli, Link to Article

As the debate rages on over the mots polémiques in the Band Aid 30 song with lyrics that are tone deaf, inaccurately reflect the state of affairs and cause Africa more harm than good, there is an Africa story that has been largely off the radar of most members of the general public and has received precious little media attention.

Entrepreneur Profile: Will Tindall, Co-Founder of Emerging Crowd

11 December 2014
Link to Article

Emerging Crowd Co-Founder Will Tindall offers his unique insight into cross-border crowdfunding, investment fundraising and the future hotspots for global growth.

A Crowded Market, But Promising

22 November 2014
Link to Article

UK company EmergingCrowd is launching a crowdfunding platform focused on established businesses in frontier markets. The founders, Lucien Moolenaar and Will Tindall, have a great record in frontier markets.

Emerging Crowd to Unlock Investment Opportunities in Frontier and Emerging Markets

12 November 2014
Link to Article

A new online platform is, for the first time, giving UK-based investors the chance to invest in some of the most exciting frontier and emerging growth companies in the world.

Crowdfunding Opens up to the Emerging Markets

11 November 2014
Link to Article

Crowdfunding platform Emerging Crowd says it will offer investors the opportunity to buy equity and bonds issued by businesses focused on frontier and emerging markets.

Cultural Complexity: The Etiquette of Doing Business Abroad

27 October 2014, The Guardian
Matthew Jenkin, Link to Article

Will Tindall comments on his experiences doing business overseas