Africa Crowdfunding Scale Crowdfunding has grown exponentially across much of the globe. However sub-Saharan Africa has yet to see any real benefit from this exciting phenomenon. Find out what hurdles need to be overcome for this to change.
New Markets New Travellers Understand how new global business travel demands and characteristics are shifting. A new generation of business traveller is coming of age – a younger and more social generation in search of a travel experience that conventional business hotels aren't able to offer.
Money Transfer The potential for mobile money platforms to drive economic development and financial inclusion is enormous. In frontier and emerging markets, particularly Africa, pioneering platforms have been transformational in delivering a range of financial services to under-banked and unbanked communities. Find out about the key differences in the operating models and their respective pros and cons.
The Rockefeller Foundation first coined "Impact Investing" back in 2007. This was defined as investments made with the intention of generating both financial returns and social and/or environmental impact. The asset class has grown significantly in the past few years, with the help of celebrity endorsements. Find out who the key players are and why crowdfunding and impact investing should become successful bedfellows.
Diamonds In The Rough Private equity in Africa is growing rapidly. This is primarily being driven by macroeconomic drivers, such as the rise of the middle class, exponential population growth, the dominance of youth, rapid urbanisation and the fast adoption of digital technologies. Find out about the best ways you can gain exposure to this growth.
Choose Your Platform Wisely There are an ever increasing number of alternative investment platforms to chose from. It is important that potential investors can clearly distinguish between the different models on offer. Given Emerging Crowd's focus on emerging and frontier market investments, which are seen as inherently riskier, we use this blog to address how we manage fraud and investment risk on behalf of our members.
Where Next For Crowdfunding Crowdfunding has grown exponentially in the last few years and in a relatively short period of time the industry has become an established and credible source of funding. In our inaugural blog we discuss where we see the future of crowdfunding and how Emerging Crowd is positioning itself at the heart of this transformational growth.

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