Emerging Crowd is designed to be a streamlined and cost-effective way to raise money for your growing business. We have created a world-class investment and crowdfunding platform that allows you to connect directly with international investors looking for opportunities in frontier and emerging markets.


We know your markets

We understand frontier and emerging markets. Our team has extensive experience raising capital for companies around the world, and we have assembled a network of advisers and partners that can help you reach your goals. Tell us about your business and your funding requirements, and we’ll discuss with you how you might be able to raise money from investors on our platform.


Flexible funding for SMEs

We typically work with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are looking to raise at least £500,000 to finance the next stage of their growth and expansion. Depending on your situation, you can raise that money by issuing shares to investors (an Equity Offering), or you can borrow that money by issuing bonds (a Debt Offering). Do get in touch so that we can explore these options with you.


Our selection criteria

Not every company is right for the platform. As part of our initial assessment, we do background checks on your company and the people behind it, and we also consider the following criteria:

  • Does your home country offer strong investor protections and stability?
  • Are you in a consumer-related sector that you can easily explain to our investors?
  • What is your fundraising target, and what do you plan to do with the funds?
  • Does your business have a solid financial history, and can you present a compelling business plan?
  • Are your management credentials strong, and are your corporate governance practices in order?
  • Does your business have solid growth prospects based on achievable assumptions?
  • Do you foresee a realistic exit strategy for investors?

Streamlined and cost-effective

We have made it simpler and more cost-effective for SMEs to raise growth capital. Timelines vary for each campaign, but the typical fundraising timeline looks like this:

Due Diligence

If you meet our initial criteria, we will take the time to get to know you and to understand your business thoroughly. Our investment analysts will guide you through the legal and financial due diligence process. We will ask you to provide documentation in relation to your business and its finances, operations and strategy, and we will work with legal experts to review corporate governance, contracts and regulatory issues.

Campaign Preparation

You will need to prepare an investor presentation called an “Invitation Document,” and your campaign will also require a short marketing video. We know the power of visual marketing and social media, and our platform offers you a number of tools to launch a vibrant fundraising campaign. We can support you with a variety of channels to help you maximise your visibility and effectiveness online and in traditional media.

Live Campaign & Online Marketing

Once you’re investment-ready, we will upload your campaign materials to our live investment platform for investors to see. While your campaign is live, you can engage directly with potential investors in the Q&A forum on the platform and see in real time any new investments as they’re made. Your fundraising campaign will normally be live for 6 weeks, and if you reach your investment target, we will arrange for you to issue your shares or bonds to investors and receive your investment proceeds, less our success fee.


Even after you have received your funding, you can stay in touch with your new investors and supporters and keep them up to date through the platform. We require quarterly management updates and annual financial statements to be posted on the platform, and you can always log in to provide other updates to your investor base. The platform allows you to build an engaged investor base, so that if you decide to raise another round of financing, we’re right here for you.



Please visit our FAQs page, click the ‚Äč button or drop us a line at info@emergingcrowd.com. We would love to hear from you.